About Us

Core Values

Our values constitute the solid ground of our company. They are the key to our success. In all our decisions and behaviors, we are guided by these fundamental values that define and inspire us.


We believe that we’re operating in a dynamic business environment where change is taking place at a speed of light and consumer’s taste and demand continues to evolve on a constant basis. It’s our passion to innovate and aspire to be ahead in introducing and promoting new food products that suit taste and the lifestyle of our consumers.


We assure customers and consumers that we give you value-for-money for purchasing Enrich products and we are ready to compensate you for any inedible products due to whatever reason.

Continious improvement

At Enrich, we believe success is a journey and not a destination. In our day-to-day operations, we strive to make small but continuous improvements in every dimension of our business such as product taste, packaging, variety, production process, production facility etc.

Respect for People

Our people are our greatest asset. Our success is directly related to our employees’ constant focus on quality, productivity, innovation and customer satisfaction.